Im cj.

i like birds, moths, nature
Employed at Chuck E Cheeses


Eastern Screech Owls have been showing up a lot more here in my back yard in western md (we have like 1000+ acres of woods (park property)) behind our house  :D these are my pictures! :D - cj


im so sorry i havent been posting alot, work has me traveling alot and im just trying to keep up, i found a screech owl last week, still have to go through the pics, plz hold and be patient 

love cj!

againontheotherside asked
You have a really cool blog!!


Thank you!!


Most people hike with dogs, Well today I hiked with a pied peacock :D

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Anonymous asked
Wait isnt that u in ur icon? And are u gay?

Yes, yes,

Getting over him is going to be the hardest thing ive ever had to do


[drops a hint] [drops a few more hints] [trips over them] [knocks over a table]


when you buy her chipotle

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I love passionate people

that light that enters their eyes when they start talking about something they love

the little arm gestures they make

the massive smile that slips onto their face when they realise someone’s listening

I just love passionate, enthusiastic people and I wish more people would be like that