Im cj.

i like birds, moths, nature
Employed at Chuck E Cheeses


HAYY GUISEEEE, my best friend Melanie is leaving for the NAVY next Tuesday, i have no idea what im gonna do with my time. :I but, i wanna get her as many views on her Hoodie Allen cover of the chase is on (original )  before she leaves. so listen, to her, and listen to Hoodie Allen, hes pretty bad ass.

tweeted hoodie allen a screen cap of me buying his album, and HE TWEETED ME BACK. 

ive been seeing this everywhere,

in peoples about me section, the main thing they focus is about being gay, sweetie, is being gay/bi is the most interesting thing about you, you need to get out and do more, and no not become a slut, that would just embrace the stereotype, get out and make a positive change in the world, volunteer at a animal shelter, find something you love to do, then do it!