Im cj.

i like birds, moths, nature
Employed at Chuck E Cheeses


free fest yesterday

omg, best shit,

saw 2 door cinema club,

the crowd was awkward for the first couple songs because all these tiny little girls came up and were like omg concert.

then come little boy came up butted infront of me, then started screaming all the lyrics, like shut up im here for them, they have talent, you dont so stfu

then i went and watched grace potter and the nocturnals, they were pretty cool, but way to fucking loud, i know it was a concert and all, but still

then on my way to start moving into the center of the croud for deamau5, im walkin doin my own ish, then i almost get ran over by this giant fucking monster of a escilade , turns out, it was cee lo green,

then i went and saw him, leme just say, TROLOLOLOLOL, he is so short

but his set was pretty fun, met a bunch of drunk girls, who led me to the front with them :D


DEADMAU5 was the best damn thing ever

i punchhed so many people

got into 2 fights,

made out with random people

the one guy looked almost exactly like ronnie from jersey shore

 danced all over attractive people

started the moshpits

was in pure bass bliss: which literally vibrated your entire body

 then at the end of the night relzxed that i had spent like 40$ on fucking water and Gatorade for the day

but who gives a fuck, i had a bomb as time :D